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Our Classes



  • Age:3-4 years
  • Time::7:45 -12:30



  • Age:4-5 years
  • Time::7:45 -12:30



  • Age:4-5 years
  • Time::7:45 -12:30

Lions (Grade R)


  • Age:5-6 years
  • Time::7:45-12:45

Occupational Therapy


  • Age:3 - 12 years
  • Time::30-45 mins

The Curriculum

Based on the National Curriculum, our Model of Learning uses children’s specific developmental needs as a starting point and differentiates them appropriately to ensure the inclusion of:

  • Boys and girls;
  • Children learning English as a second language;
  • Children from minority ethnic groups;
  • Children who are gifted and talented;
  • Children with sensory processing difficulties;
  • Children with specific barriers to learning.

Rose Cottage will plan each area of the curriculum to incorporate the principles of equality and to promote positive attitudes to diversity. All subjects contribute to the spiritual, moral, social, emotional and cultural development of all children.

Rose Cottage aims to ensure that all children receive a balanced learning experience.  Bearing this in mind, the following are included in the curriculum:

  • Art;
  • Music;
  • Movement;
  • Sport;
  • Social skills;
  • Environmental awareness (water security, recycling, composting and eco-bricking)

Rose Cottage aims to provide children with resources and equipment which help to enhance and consolidate their knowledge, skills, interests, and aptitudes.